There is something to be said for trees, plants and nature for the general well-being of a person, and the botanical gardens at Kew in London certainly have enough to go around.

We have been feeling a bit of the blues lately. I am prone to bouts of depression around spring time, and we have been generally frustrated at having to spend the summer apart again. In short, we needed to get out of the flat.


Bamboo selfie
Image courtesy of E. R. Jonas

Giving Emil a camera is a nearly fail-safe way to keep him occupied, even if that means a selection of less flattering images of yours truly. Who needs fame when I have my own personal paparazzi?

All right, he did manage do shoot one or two where I don’t look like I’m terrified the camera is going to eat me. But showing those would be bragging. Instead, have a picture of some goslings.

Image courtesy of E. R. Jonas

Cue for “Awww”.

Image courtesy of E. R. Jonas

And a bonsai. I’ve found a new hobby I’d love to try out, and I can’t wait until I have the chance!

But all in all, we had a great day and are still recovering from our escapades. So much so did this trip reinvigorate our mood and spirit that we ended up paying for free admission for the coming year, our last year in London.

Image courtesy of E. R. Jonas

But for now, Derp and Derpina wish you a beautiful day from the (currently) warm and occasionally sunny London.


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