Writing is difficult.

Or rather, writing stories is difficult.

Blog posts or short comments and articles have always been relatively easy for me to write, but stories are different.

Stories take a lot of time, and patient persistence.

There is a story I have been tinkering with for almost over a year now, although I have been trying to write it for less than six months. It’s only a short, little story, but I really want it to be the right story. The story it wants to be.

Which has led me to endless mental gymnastics and three very different drafts. In a mix  of outlining and discovery writing, I’m trying to find the story hidden somewhere in my head, and each draft has teased out a little more.

But I did finish the third draft this weekend, and it is finally starting to feel as if the skeleton of the story is taking shape. Slowly, but surely.

I wonder how many more drafts it will take until I find it.



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