This post is a rather intimidating one. The first WIP post with regards to my modest novelette. As the title implies, the working title is “My Friend Lucy”.

It is a short story/novelette landing on about 25 000 words about a young girl who spends a lot of her time in a zoo. One day, they adopt a young bonobo (pymgmy chimpanzee) who had been confiscated from customs, and the two become fast friends. Stuff happens. Lessons are learned.

I have been wrestling with several things with this story lately. I thought the first draft was the difficult bit, but it turns out (as I should have expected) that I also struggle a whole lot with trying to polish the final draft. This is always something I have struggled with.

Rough and ready sketches, crafts and ideas I am perfectly fine with. But getting down to the nitty gritty details in everything? I’ve got an awesome general idea of what my dream house might approximately, roughly, maybe look like. But actual details? Not my forte, let me tell you.

So about halfway through editing the draft, I tried struggling with the cover, which again, is a brilliant idea in my head, but actually realising it? Yeah, that’s where I hit a wall. I’ve made some sketches, as you can see above. But from there to cover art? Whoo boy.

Luckily, I am almost unspeakably blessed with a partner who, doesn’t just write himself, but also has far better illustrator skills than I do. He has agreed to have a look at my messy mass of tangled ideas and try to pull something better out of all of it.

Now just to find a style he can work from, and perhaps we’ll see a far better WIP on this blog towards the end of summer!

It is my goal to finish this draft before my gardening contract in the Arctic ends in July. Please wish me luck!


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