After much faffing about, the book is finally here!

I must admit, it is a strange feeling seeing it up and about on Amazon, stretching its legs and laying open for feedback and critique.

It is a small book. Not a full size novel by far, at its modest 24 000 words. Never the less, I hope people will find it a cute book. My love and only beta-reader complained that I had been aiming for his tear ducts towards the end. That seems a good review, and I shall unabashedly smother it on my blog.

My Friend Lucy cover

My Friend Lucy is a story about a young girl named Alice Green. Her parents work in a zoo, and Alice basically grows up inside. She feels at home in ponytails and overalls, and is not afraid of mucking out after the goats.

Her life changes suddenly when Lucy, an orphaned baby bonobo, enters their idyllic life in the zoo. The two become fast friends, and as they grow up together, Alice slowly starts to question some of  the truths she has grown up with. Lucy is clever, beyond what would be expected from an animal. Should she be kept in a cage?

Truth be told, I have absolutely no idea what to expect in publishing this online. I hope someone will like it. If I’m lucky, someone might even leave a review.

Here’s to trying not to check the stats every day.


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