Oh, how ignorant I am about the world. Just like with insectivorous plants, I used to believe that orchids were a rare and exotic family of flowers only found further south.

Not so! If I remember correctly, there are some 19 wild orchid species in Norway, most of them in the high north. Last year, I was lucky enough to join the botanists on a trip to a local island where, surprisingly, most of these wild orchids can be found. It’s like orchid bingo!

But the most common one, which can be found all across the Tromsø island and in the mountains around, is called Dactylorhiza maculata, or Heath-spotted orchid (Moorland spotted orchid or Flekkmarihånd in Norwegian).

Dactylorhiza maculata, flekkmarihånd, Tromsø 2016

isn’t it pretty?

I think they are gorgeous. If I have time and memory I see if I can dig up the old pictures from last year when I get back to London and make a post about those as well, there is quite the variety!

Also, a wild gardener has appeared!


The polesaw (one of the tools on my shoulder) extends up to 8 meters. It’s a real beast!

Only one week left of my working summer alongside green grass, massive summer flowers and excited botanists. After that it is a short stop down south to see the family before we head back to London for the last and final year in the big city. Fancy that!





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