There are different kinds of trees here.

It’s the beginning of August, and I have one week of time off in the south of Norway where I’m from before it is back to London. The weather is warm, occasionally rainy, and fully of tall trees with thick foliage completely different from the Arctic.

It’s been a strange week so far. I still get up early to drive my love to work every day, but that leaves me a lot of hours to do things like reading, going for walks and visiting family.

It turns out I hear like a deer. Along with several of other people my age. A neighbour around where we live has these devices in his yard. They make a horrible high-pitched sound that tears through your brain like a band-saw. We had been wondering what it was for ages already. Finally I stepped up to a gentleman in the yard and asked if he was aware of the horrible noise the sensors sent off whenever someone walked past.

Turns out he wasn’t, as is often the case (and you lose the hearing range for high-pitch and low-pitch gradually over time). They were devices to scare off deer in the area, so I am assuming the sound is what keeps them away. He was kind enough to turn them off for me, at least for the time being.

And there was a man who hurt his foot something fierce, bleeding from the marrow and whatnot. Ambulances had to be called and I managed the feat of passing out once the situation was getting under control.

A strange feeling, passing out. Never happened to me before. The most disorienting was probably the feeling that you’ve been dreaming, and then being told it has only been a few seconds. That, and waking up staring up at everyone from a concrete floor.

One for the bucket list, I suppose.

In less than a week it’ll be back to work again. For how long I do not know. Until we finish in London next year, I hope.


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