It’s a slow Sunday afternoon, and it has been a slow couple of weeks in general. Back in London in the small flat which somehow, I’m not sure why, seems to put a damper on creative work.

Of course, that is nothing but an excuses, and I should make myself work any way, but the feeling still lingers. And it’s over a week until we are two again.

I should take this rare opportunity to relish in all the alone time I rarely get. Draw, pain, sculpt.

Except the clay I ordered and had hoped would be my distraction this month has not arrived yet, and I am woefully unable to paint.

I have been drawing a little bit though. More than I have done in years in one go. True, they’re most of them based on references and pictures, but it is a nice feeling none the less.


Nice though it is, I miss working with my hands. To shape and create things with my own two hands that can be used and admired.

I hope clay will be the right thing. It was a bittersweet thing to realise that with all the card weaving finds being made out of wool and silk, I’d either have to be at odds with my ethics, be historically inaccurate, or find another venue to direct my creative energy. A bit frustrating after you’ve spent over five years becoming quite a respected figure in the tiny field of Viking age card weaving. Oh well.

I haven’t been in the best frame of mind lately to work after coming home from, well, work. Sometimes it feels like the reward it so woefully far away, and my creativity has taken a bit of a dive too. But I found this blog called Raptitude, which focuses a lot on economic freedom and getting more out of your life.

I can’t say I agree with everything he writes, I find the lack of environmental focus an issue, for instance. But never the less it was encouraging enough to remind me why we save and why we work in our spare time. At least we try to.

One day, we’ll have a eco friendly, green, sustainable and beautiful little house. If all goes according to plan, this house will be relatively cheap to build (because we will do a lot of the work ourselves and source local materials), and it should be very cheap to run, even if it ends up not being too cheap to build, what with getting all the right legislation and making sure everything is legal and getting carpenters and builders who see our side of the story and want to do things our way.

The beauty of this plan, in my mind, is that since we plan on making it very cheap to run (solar cells, wind turbines, compost heaps, etc), it will be a refuge and an oasis. If everything goes to plan. If my Love gets restless, which he will, he or we could travel for a while, because the house will have a very cheap upkeep once built and paid for. This will make our need for income a lot less, leaving us with more freedom to do the things we love, even if this does not make us as rich in wealth as traditional jobs. Still, we would be richer in living, and walk more softly on the planet.

To me, that is wealth beyond measure, and reminding myself of this dream and what it means to me is the best way of keeping my eye on the goal.

That, and occasionally singing my heart out after a nice, soothing cup of green tea from my perfectly imperfect green teacup.



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