So it begins

I’ve now been a week at NTNU, the institution where I will be trying to work and write and generally fight for my PhD. It has been a bit messy, as starting up at a new place so often is. I have been told the real work starts tomorrow. Right now I have an office space, a teacup and an internet connection.

My main supervisor, Dr. Alexandros Asimakopoulos, is an ambitious and driven man. He has high expectations of himself and those around him. It is the sort of infectious attitude that I hope can and will shoot us into the future on a cloud of hard work and passion. His passion for excellent science, and my passion for environmental protection.

I let him know straight away that my primary driving force is that of environmental protection. It is behind almost, if not all the choices I make and the priorities I set. To protect the environment we, of course, need excellent science and bullet-proof results, meaning our goals and priorities are highly complementary. Last but not least, we need to get loud.

Dr. Asimakopoulos has experience being loud and getting heard. He has been taught by some of the best in the industry, and I am in the fortunate position of getting taught by him in turn. His hard-working spirit is infectious and admirable. He may only be 3 years my senior, but in this field and in this climate, I think that may be an advantage.

I hope I can live up to his expectations and that we will spend the next four years doing excellent work. It is easy to see that here is an opportunity that does not come along too often, so long as I grab myself up by the collar, buckle down, do the work, and do my best to keep up with him. Having heard some stories about other people’s supervisors as well, it is also a comforting thought to know that right now, I feel confident that my supervisor has my back.

Who knows. Perhaps this will be the last positive and reflected PhD post? I hope not. I value the remaining scraps of my sanity and hope the next 4 years, although they will no doubt be intense, will still leave me with a little bit of time at the end of the day to breathe out, spend some time with friends, and generally breathe some life into my hobbies and social circles again.

I’m going to need it.



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