My name is Kristine, and I like to write.

I was born in the south of Norway in 1989 to my parents, who generally let me do what I wanted. I spent much of my time reading books or just daydreaming inside my own head. My head was constantly full of dragons, fairytales, trolls, wizards, magic wardrobes, mystical forests and Norwegian huldras.

A few handfuls of years later I had been convinced that when you do well in school, you’re supposed to study science and contribute to the world. I went to the other side of the country to study chemistry in the Arctic city of Tromsø. Five years later, I graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with flying colours and a degree in Environmental Chemistry.

With my head full of clouds and aspirations to save the world, I set out to find myself a job in this chosen profession. This proved more frightfully difficult, and in the years that followed, frustration, temporary jobs and short term contract became the norm. My dreams of saving the world with research and chemistry slowly dwindled, and I started returning to the stories I had abandoned as a science student.

It was during these times that my love for the written word was rekindled. I have always loved reading, but somehow always thought being an author was not something I could do (this was helped a little by my working class family where there are some preconceived notions about what “real work” is, but that is beside the point).

Tired of my own self-doubt and general nay-saying, I have decided take the leap and give it a shot. If no one likes it, I will know soon enough. Right?